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The Technical Services Unit (TSU) is a specialized unit within the Criminal Investigation Division of the Roswell Police Department. The TSU is designed to  locate, collect and process evidence at crime scenes.

TSU personnel are trained extensively in areas such as gathering evidence, photography and handling forensic evidence. Forensics is defined as the use of science and technology to investigate and establish facts in courts of law.

As part of its evidence-collection responsibilities, the TSU also operates the RPD's Property Unit. All evidence collected by or submitted to the RPD is controlled and maintained by the Property Unit, which stores items and keeps them secure. The Property Unit handles the release of items back to the proper owner at the appropriate time. According to policy, property which is deemed abandoned goes through a controlled disposal process. Some items are incinerated, while others are sent to auction. 





                                 RPD TSU Email List:


SMITH, R. TSU Sergeant ronsmith@roswellpolice.com
OCONNOR, D. TSU Detective
STEVENSON, S. TSU Detective sstevenson@roswellpolice.com
WHITEBEAR, R. TSU Technician rwhitebear@roswellpolice.com
ROBERTS, K. Property Custodian kroberts@roswellpolice.com
TEMPERO, J. Property Technician jtempero@roswellpolice.com

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