Traffic Division



Roswell Police Department traffic officers are charged with enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Traffic Code. There are two officers specifically assigned to this division, although other patrol officers also help in handling traffic duties as needed.

Among other duties of the Traffic Division are investigation of vehicle collisions, enabling the safe and effective movement of dignitaries and other special visitors in the city, and assisting other law enforcement agencies from throughout the area when they are working and moving about in the city.

Traffic officers, as well as other officers, will use specially equipped bicycles during certain times of the year, and for patrolling at some events such as parades and other local festivities.


A couple things to keep in mind:

*Remember to yield to the right when emergency responders need to pass by on the roadway.

*Per City Code (section 12-10-1.2A) regarding sun screening material on windshields and windows, sun screening material "shall be used only along the tip of the windshield, not extending downward beyond the ASI line or more than five inches from the top of the windshield..." Sun screening material is defined as "any film material, substance, device or product that is designed to be used in conjunction with motor vehicle safety glazing materials for reducing the effects of the sun." 



Do you have a traffic concern? Fell free to contact RPD at 575-624-6770. You may also email one of the officers below.


RPD Traffic Division Email List:

RHODES, A.  Traffic Officer
WEEKLEY, K. Traffic Officer

Roswell Police Department